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Team BSQ

Bengali Society of Queensland belongs to all of us and the wider community. 

Starting from a humble beginning, the previous executive committees have transformed Bengali Society of Queensland to an esteemed organisation.

The current executive committee continues to build on the efforts of previous executive committees. 

We ideate, we plan, we fail, we fall, we rise, we laugh and we create memories together.

Executive Committee 2023

  • Mr. Tapas Mandal (President)

  • Mr. Tathagata Chakraborty (Vice President)

  • Ms. Mallika Mazumder (General Secretary)

  • Mr. Susmit Basu (Joint Secretary)

  • Mr. Rupam Mondal (Treasurer)

  • Mr. Subhro Basu (Cultural Secretary)

  • Ms. Saheli Mukherjee (Joint Cultural Secretary)

  • Ms. Portia Joshi (EC Member)

  • Ms. Debjani Maitra (EC Member)
  • Mr. Arka Basu (EC Member)

  • Mr. Vijoyendra Goswami (EC Member)

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